The 2018 Pantone official color of the year is ultra violet and brides and grooms have taken notice.  The possibilities to incorporate this color into your event are endless!

Violet in Spring

Complimentary colors of this ultra violet are perfect for spring. Pastel yellow, baby blue, or pink go perfectly with this shade. These colors make for a refreshing color scheme perfect for the fresh spring season. They’re also an ideal combination for a delicate and sweet bridal shower or baby shower.

Violet in Summer

While in spring this color compliments well with light and delicate colors, it’s easy to keep it bright and fun once the warm weather comes around as well! Pair with teal, tomato red, or even navy blue and you’re on the right track to a bubbly and bright color scheme. If you’re using this color as an accent color, lavender is a great floral accent. This arch frames the couple while adds the perfect pop of violet!

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Violet in Autumn

Tone down this shade of purple with a darker shade of violet, burgundy, or mustard yellow. The brown undertones will contrast the violet without clashing, reflecting those fall colors that we all crave come September and October.

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Violet in Winter

To wrap up any 2018 event, bring this shade of purple together with endless shades of green! A great source of green in these cold winter months is pine. Violet is also an alternate direction to take if you want a winter feel without having a Christmas party color scheme.

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The greatest aspect of ultra violet is how well it works with bling. Gold has a yellow undertone which brings out that bright contrast that pops so well with violet. If you’re more of a fan of silver, you’re still in luck! Since violet is considered a cool color, silver works well with it to keep things nice and simple. The blue undertone in silver helps control contrast between the two colors.

With this little bit of color inspiration, we can’t wait to help put together beautiful events this year!

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