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  • ServSafe Certificate
  • ManageFirst Certificate
  • Cvent Certificate

Anna Randleman

Wedding & Event Assistant

“I really love working with TE so far! Everyone is really nice and we can all have a fun time together even though we are working.”

Get to know Anna!

Q: How long have you been with Timeless Events?
A: I’ve been with Timeless Events since April of 2017.

Q: Where did you go to school and what for?
A: I am currently a Junior at Iowa State University studying Event Management with a minor in General Business and Hospitality.

Q: How did you get your start in the wedding / event industry?
A: I started working in the event field in elementary school when my mom started a fundraiser for my school. We continued working on the event for 6 more years! After that fundraiser I knew that I was meant to be a part of events.

Q: What does your dream wedding look like?
A: My dream wedding would be a summer barn wedding with outdoor string lights. With sunflowers and burgundy flowers all around!

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